Liguria - Italian Riviera

Italy's Liguarin coastline extends from French border to Tuscany. It's one of Italy's smallest region but all the more rewarding for its visitors. For centuries the mild climate and saphire blue waters have tempted travellers from all over the world to Italy's Riviera. The region is know for its steep cliffs, beaches, trendy beach resorts with beach boulevards and its charming villages. Being in the shelter of the Maritime Alps, Liguria offers not only beautiful mountain views but also a mild climate with floral splendor making it one of the most beautiful coast lines in Italy. 

The old and charismatic city of Genova divices Liguria into to different coasts in its west and east side (Riviera di Ponente and Riviera di Levante). The western part is known for its white sand and trendy resorts such as San Remo, Pietra Ligure and Alassio. The eastern part going closer to Tuscany is known for the chic port town of Portofino and the charming villages of Cinque Terre. 

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