Iseo lake - the hidden treasure of Italy's lake district

The region of Lombardy and its biggest lakes - Garda, Como and Maggiore - are famous around the world and popular among tourists. Lake Iseo (Lago d'Iseo) between Como and Garda is often forgotten from this group: it might be the smallest and least known of the lakes but according to many it's the most charming of them all. The mass tourism hasn't yet overtaken this northern Italian treasure which makes the region more tranquil and authentic but also more modest concerning housing prices. Iseo Lake charms with its beauty; the green and lush mountains surround a crystal clear lake. 

Lake Iseo and its surroundings offers all kinds of experiences from food, culture, historic and sport point of view. Only few minutes away from the lake there's the Franciacorta wine region which is known especially for its quality sparkling wines. Delicious food is served from lake fish to meat and delicious cheese. In addition to vineyards, the lake is surrounded my medieval castles and monasteries. For the active the lake offers good water sports possibilities from sailing to kiteboarding not to mention the beaches. 

The mountains and surrounding countryside offers the perfect opportunity for cycling, hiking, climbing and horseback riding. One hour drive away you'll reach the Italian Alps and their several ski centers. In other words, there's plenty to do and see year-round!

Surrounding the lake there are several villages, biggest of them being Sarnico and Iseo. These villages have shops, restaurants and cafes. The lake also has its own island, Monte Isola, which with its 600m peak offers a beautiful and dramatic view to the residents by the lake. Monte Isola is Central and Southern Europe's largest lake island. You can reach the island and its multiple churches and fortress easily with a ferry from Sarnico. The island has no cars which makes it a perfect location for biking and hiking; the 15 km route goes all the way to the top of the mountain from where you'll be able to admire the breathtaking view to the lake. 

Lake Iseo is easily reachable by flying to Bergamo or Milan airports. 

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