Golden Visa

What is the Golden Visa and who is it for?

Portugal has recently approved a special legislation designed to attract foreign investment in the country, by offering a fast way for property investors (non EU citizens) to receive a residence permit, making it a privileged entry into Europe and allowing such permit holders free circulation in Schengen countries countries (Germany, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Slovakia, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, Norway, Czech Republic, Holland, Poland, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland).

Furthermore, Portugal not only has attractive tax legislation for high income earners wishing to become non-permanent residents in the country, but there is also no inheritance tax for immediate family members.

Among the qualifying investments for the Golden Visa are those which involve the transfer of 1,000,000 € or above, the creation of a minimum of 10 jobs or the acquisition of property in the total amount of 500,000€ or above. 

Investments in real estate extend to include the following:

  • Acquisition of one or more real estate assets in the total amount of 500,000€ or above
  • Acquisition of property for commercial or housing purposes
  • Property acquired on a co-ownership regime, provided that each co-owner has made an investment of a minimum 500,000€
  • Properties acquired free of any charges or mortgages representing a minimum investment of 500,000€
  • Rented properties

Basic knowledge about Golden Visa

The residency permit is granted for one-year period, twice renewable for two successive years subject to investment maintenance and permit holder's stay in Portuguese territory for 7 days in the first year and 14 days in the following two-year periods. The permit can be extended to the investor's family, with the possibility of permanent residency at the end of the initial five-year period.

Why Portugal?

Portugal is the most competitive country in the awarding of residency permits for investment purposes when compared with countries offering similar programs.

  • Portugal has been a member of the European Union since 1986 and is currently among the countries with highest human development indexes in the world.
  • Portugal has a world class road and airport infrastructure network that allows for country wide quick and comfortable access
  • The private and state hospital and medical care systems have full country coverage, being duly equipped and assisted by highly qualified and experienced professionals.